Leader of Godspeed






Godspeed's race

Hair color

Almost black

Eye color

Dark brown

Skin Color

Deep Olive, Dark brown


Amy, Harley, Victria


Eldest, Orion

Elder is the current leader of Godspeed, the main male protagonist of Across the Universe, and Amy's boyfriend. Elder was born on Godspeed and has lived there ever since his birth. He is part of a long system of cloning leaders in-between each Season.


Elder has dark eyes, deep olive, dark brown skin, and almost black hair that reaches to his eyes. He is very tall; Amy once described him as being "at least a foot taller than me." Like all other past Eldests, Elder is a clone, meaning he, Orion, and Eldest all share the same DNA.

Like all other passengers aboard Godspeed, Elder has a wi-com placed under the skin of his left ear.


Before the introduction of Amy aboard Godspeed, Elder was fiery, rebellious, and eager to learn. At times he showed an arrogant and cocky side to him when he would go off and study what he wanted, instead of what Eldest directed him to do. Nevertheless, Elder always falled back under Eldest's rule, most of the time by force. He believed everything Eldest does is right, and wanted to be just like him once Eldest passes to the stars.

Like all other passengers on Godspeed who take the mental meds, Elder has labeled as "crazy." Before he knew about Phydus, Elder lacked self-confidence and doubted his future role as Eldest, since he had to take mental medication. He believed since he is "crazy," he wasn't fit to rule the ship.

Once Elder unfreezes Amy and she is introduced to Godspeed, Elder's views on his world change. Not only does he become more rebellious and reluctant to learn, he begins to see how disturbed the people of Godspeed are. Amy's comments on their unusual passivity and blank eyes strive Elder to unlock Godspeed's many secrets.

Also, thay decide to land Godspeed i book two. But, do not proceed to do so until book three, Orion dies of INPROPER FREEZING.  They discover that hybrids live on the new planet and plan to destroy the colony unless Elder can destroy the only weapons that can kill the hybrids. Elder 'dies'. So do both of Amy's parents.  Also, Amy is turned into a hybrid and becomes 10 times stronger than Elder ever was/is. 



Elder and Amy are in love. They work together to solve mysteries. Elder unfroze Amy and defends her when others on the ship call her a "freak". She became an unstoppable hybrid after Elder 'dies' in book three.


Elder and Harley were best friends. But Harley committed suicide after his girlfriend died, leaving everyone dumbfounded and heartbroken. Harley and Elder were best friends even though Harley was 4 years older.


Eldest and Elder never got along well, but Elder was very much affected when Eldest died. Every eldest/elder is a clone and while Eldest believed in the strict rules that controlled the ship, Elder had always secretly disagreed with Eldest's philosophies and actions under Eldest's authority of Godspeed.


Victria was part of Elder's original friend group. But after the death of Harley and Kayleigh, Victria and Elder distanced themselves and Victria gave up her life for Orion.


When Orion died, Elder took his place as Elder. Elder and Amy never liked Orion.


Elder thought Doc was one of the only other trustworthy people on the ship, besides Amy. But in the end Doc turned out to be evil and on Orion's side.